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PairT<T1,T2> - Class in openpas.utils
PairT(T1, T2) - Constructor for class openpas.utils.PairT
PAS - Interface in openpas.basics
This is a class that encapsulates a PAS instance.
PAS.KBException - Exception in openpas.basics
This is the error reporting mechanism for PAS.
pasc - package pasc
PASC - Class in pasc
OpenPAS console application.
PASC() - Constructor for class pasc.PASC
PASCTester - Class in pasc
PASCTester() - Constructor for class pasc.PASCTester
PASImplTester - Class in openpas
PASImplTester() - Constructor for class openpas.PASImplTester
peekNext() - Method in class openpas.utils.WeakIterator
PokerHandsCompact - Class in examples
This is an example program that finds the probability of drawing a Poker pair from a deck.
PokerHandsCompact() - Constructor for class examples.PokerHandsCompact
PokerHandsNaive - Class in examples
This is an example program to showcase the use of OpenPAS to solve a probabilistic problem.
PokerHandsNaive() - Constructor for class examples.PokerHandsNaive
printfln(String) - Method in class openpas.utils.Notifier
printfln(String, List<String>) - Method in class openpas.utils.Notifier
printPASStats(PAS, PrintStream) - Static method in class analytics.Stats
printScenarios(Expressions.SimpleSentence<LogicalOps.LogicalOr, LogicalOps.LogicalAnd>, PAS, NumericResolver, PrintStream) - Static method in class analytics.Scenarios
ProbabilityComputer - Interface in openpas.basics
This is an interface that is about calculating the probability of a PAS expression.
ProbabilityComputerTester - Class in openpas
ProbabilityComputerTester() - Constructor for class openpas.ProbabilityComputerTester
PropCreator(PropFactory) - Constructor for class openpas.LBImpls_Expressions_Tester.PropCreator
PropFactory - Interface in openpas.basics
ProbFactory is the main way to acquire new objects and access singletons that implement the various interfaces in OpenPAS.
Proposition - Interface in openpas.basics
This is an empty interface to represent a proposition.
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